Attention Deficit Disorder

I chose this image because it show a multitasking man - the tension between high functioning in the modern world and the failure to focus to long enough to complete tasks makes assessment of ADHD difficult.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) continues to be poorly understood by the education system, Medical Aids and even health professionals.

Only recently has Adult ADHD been considered to be a real problem, as ADHD was long considered a "children only” disorder. While hyperactivity usually improves, impulsivity and risk taking behaviour can get worse in Adults with resultant relationship problems. Fortunately the misperceptions are changing and I have been fortunate to be associated with Dr Carl Ziervogel over the last few years to develop this area of practice.

Internet diagnosis is unreliable as all of us sometimes have problems with concentrating, getting organised, remembering details and so on. Treatment options are complex and side-effects require regular monitoring and associated anxiety and depression need careful consideration. Many myths abound including that women don’t suffer from ADHD!